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Tech House Samples Reason Refill

To create hits, you need creative fuel to burn and that's exactly what you'll get with this collection of freebies.  These samples stem from Tech House V2, which is only available at PlatinumLoops.  If you enjoy this giveaway, then be certain to check out the full sized loop pack!  Download some inspiration today!

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Progressive House Loops Reason Refill

Become the highlight of your night life with some progressive house loops that are certain to get people moving.  Load one of these samples into Reason, throw 4-to-the-floor, and you're ready to go!

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Progressive House Loops Reason Refill

The club has never been more alive!  Get the dance floor moving and the glow sticks spinning with some BOLD Progressive House music.     In comes Progressive House V1 - a pristine collection of bangin' House loops guaranteed to instantly elevate your production game. Grab a lead synth, drop in some drums, fatten it up with some bass, and your well on your way to making a CERTIFIED HIT. Continue reading

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