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Disco Drum Loops Refill

The boffins over at Silicon Beats have been busy working on 'Disco Drum Loops V3' and we've got a tasty little reason refill of those authentic disco grooves for you to download right here. They've managed to capture that vintage sound of the disco scene circa 1970 by using authentic drums from that era and all of the essential percussion instruments that made disco the legend it became.

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Vocoder Vocal Samples – Robot Vox V1

Give your dance beats some high voltage shock therapy with these killer Vocoder Samples in reason refill format. What's a vocoder you ask? It's that awesome sound you've most likely heard before but maybe didn't realize how it was done. Remember all those ultra famous Daft Punk songs that feature vocals that sound like some kind of robot? We'll that was done using a vocoder and it sounds fantastic.

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Free Hip Hop Samples Reason Refill

Hip Hop, Hip Hop, and more Hip Hop!  From inner-city slums to ghetto-fabulous block parties - this producer pack captures the urban vibe of today's most hostile concrete jungles.  Step up your production game with some grimy samples from The Doctor V2.  You'll be C-walking in no time! Shouts out to PlatinumLoops for another great freebie.

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Beatbox Loops Reason Refill

Beat-boxing has come a long way over the last few years.  It started out, as an offshoot of Hip Hop music, whereby beat boxers would provide rappers with percussive rhythms to rap over.   These days however, it's grown into its own entity and is in high-demand by sample users.  Get your hands on some authentic Beatbox samples courtesy of PlatinumLoops.

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Hip Hop Loops Reason Refill

What you need are some Dr.Dre-worthy guitar riffs to elevate your Hip Hop productions.  Drop a guitar lick into your DAW, sequence out some gritty drum and bass grooves, and get ready to blow the trunk lid off your hooptie!  Hot Licks is an essential sample collection that every aspiring producer should get their hands on! Continue reading

Hip Hop Vocal Samples Reason Refill

Looking for a professional vocalist for your next Hip Hop banger?  Well, look no further... introducing Hip Hop Vocals V1.  We took rappers off the streets and RnB singers away from their baby-mamas to create a rousing collection of Hip Hop vocals samples.  From vocal licks and phrases to tracked out hooks - Hip Hop Vocals can give your productions the BIG TIME feel they deserve.  Here are some free samples!  Be sure to show your support by visiting

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