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Nu Metal Guitars Reason Refill

Hold on tight! Here's a bone crushing guitar sample pack just for you.  These riffs were bashed out on a custom Les Paul to bring you an unmatched level of quality - the kind of quality you can only expect from PlatinumLoops.  Take a listen to the preview and you'll hear what we mean, just be sure to remove small animals and fragile grandparents from the room first, these are not for the faint of heart. Continue reading

Metalcore Acoustic Guitar Samples Reason Refill

What can we say?  You're going to love these guitar loops.  Processed and polished to perfection, this catalog of samples is stunning!  Try out a couple of freebies to get the creative juices flowing, and when you're ready, be sure to pick up the PRO pack!  It's crammed full of inspiration.  All of the thanks goes to PlatinumLoops for continuing to bless us with free samples! Continue reading

Rock and Pop Guitar Loops Reason Refill

A music producer can NEVER have too many quality guitar samples.  That's where Rock and Pop Guitars V1 comes in - giving you a diverse catalog of guitar loops suited for many styles and genres of music.  Talk-boxes, wah wah pedals, and a superb collection of guitar amps make this a "must have" for any ambitious producer.  Download some free samples and start producing your next hit!  All of the love goes to PlatinumLoops for another great freebie!

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Slide Guitar Loops Reason Refill

There's something to be said about the soulful vibe of some really good slide guitar.  Bottleneck Bliss v1 is a tasty sample pack from PlatinumLoops that brings you some amazing slide guitar riffs.  From Country to Blues, from electric to acoustic, these samples are guaranteed to infuse some REAL authenticity into your musical works!

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