Hits & Stabs – Reason Refill

Hits & Stabs Samples

Spice up your music productions with some game-changing hits and stabs.  From solo licks to complete musical passages, Hits and Stabs V2 has the goods that you seek.  You can easily drop these samples into any DAW sampler and have an arsenal of go-to sounds at your fingertips.  We simply can't thank PlatinumLoops enough!  They produce amazing sample packs at affordable prices and don't mind sharing!  Visit them for your sampling needs!

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House Loops Reason Refill

Euphoria - House FX Loops for Reason

Are you ready for a roller coaster ride filled with intense build-ups and breakdowns?  Well, strap in and load up!  These transitional effects are explosive.  Captivate your listeners with mind bending twists and turns around every corner of your music!  If you're in need of high quality samples then why not visit PlatinumLoops.  They continually share the love with these great giveaways!

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