Dubstep Samples Reason Refill

Epic Dubstep Samples Reason Refills

Ready to shake the walls and bring down the house?  What you need are some mental bass synth riffs!  These Dubstep loops should come with their own warning advisory.  They bang heavy - no questions asked.

If you're going to support a sampling company, then why not support one that invests in your growth as a producer.  Shouts out to PlatinumLoops for blessing us with another great sample pack for Reason. Continue reading "Dubstep Samples Reason Refill"

Dubstep Reason Refills

Killa Dubstep Samples for Reason Users

Over the last few years, PlatinumLoops has continued to push the boundaries that define what loops and samples are capable of.  Their Dubstep sample packs are a testament to this fueling desire to raise the bar!  Killa Dubstep is a pack of trunk rattling bass loops seamlessly evolving into anthemic vibes of electronic music.  Take a listen and feel the gravity shift.

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