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Reason Refills is a site dedicated to showcasing the best in free and commercial Refills and Rex Loop packs. Whether you use 'Reason' or 'Record' you'll no doubt be keen to get your hands on some new sounds and inspiration. That's where Reason Refills comes in handy.  A Refill is a file that you can load into 'Reason' or 'Record' which is tightly packed with loops and samples. Refills work kind of like ZIP files but the beauty is that you don't need to unzip them and they work exclusively with Reason or Record.

30 Replies to “Download Reason Refills”

  1. thank you very much this will cme in very handy as i am just starting off using reason 5

  2. I f found the loop sounds I came for. You help me come up with my newest tune. thank you very much for everything. I always wanted refills for my Dr. rex. thanks again

    Reason Lover Forever
    Zodicus Prime

  3. Register, then login, then go to the page about the refill and click on the large text Download Link.

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