Cinematic Tribal Drum and Percussion Loops Reason Refill

Cinematic Tribal Drum Loops Reason Refill

We’ve got an extra special Reason Refill for you in the form of some Cinematic Tribal Drum Loops courtesy of the producers over at Silicon Beats. This little baby will get you in the mood to write some seriously cinematic movie scores or sound tracks for video games. Get ready to produce the next theme for the latest version of ‘Call of Duty’!

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Orchestral Loops Reason Refill

Orchestral Horror Music Samples for Reason Refills

Nothing makes a horror flick more intense than a great sound track!  From haunting vocal cuts to sinister atmospherics - you need it all to keep people biting their nails and on the edge of their seats.  Nothing fits the bill more than Orchestral Horror V1.  With full orchestral arrangements like these, scoring a scary movie has never been easier. Test out a couple of freebies courtesy of PlatinumLoops.

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