Cinematic Tribal Drum and Percussion Loops Reason Refill

Cinematic Tribal Drum Loops Reason Refill

We’ve got an extra special Reason Refill for you in the form of some Cinematic Tribal Drum Loops courtesy of the producers over at Silicon Beats. This little baby will get you in the mood to write some seriously cinematic movie scores or sound tracks for video games. Get ready to produce the next theme for the latest version of ‘Call of Duty’!

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Disco Drum Loops Refill

Disco Drum Loops Reason Refill

The boffins over at Silicon Beats have been busy working on 'Disco Drum Loops V3' and we've got a tasty little reason refill of those authentic disco grooves for you to download right here. They've managed to capture that vintage sound of the disco scene circa 1970 by using authentic drums from that era and all of the essential percussion instruments that made disco the legend it became.

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