Hip Hop Vocal Samples Reason Refill

Hip Hop Vocal Samples for Reason

Looking for a professional vocalist for your next Hip Hop banger?  Well, look no further... introducing Hip Hop Vocals V1.  We took rappers off the streets and RnB singers away from their baby-mamas to create a rousing collection of Hip Hop vocals samples.  From vocal licks and phrases to tracked out hooks - Hip Hop Vocals can give your productions the BIG TIME feel they deserve.  Here are some free samples!  Be sure to show your support by visiting PlatinumLoops.com.

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Soul Loops Reason Refill

Soul Loops and Samples for Reason

Lets take it back to days of temptation and desire.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Soul and Funk!  These samples are professionally modeled after that vintage, soulful sound we all love.   Plush key melodies, authentic horn and guitar riffs, and some tasty bass loops are amongst the many gems awaiting your production needs. Throw on some Bell-bottoms and relive that funky blast from the past with Soul Loops V2.  Download the free samples and get the party started.

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Orchestral Loops Reason Refill

Orchestral Horror Music Samples for Reason Refills

Nothing makes a horror flick more intense than a great sound track!  From haunting vocal cuts to sinister atmospherics - you need it all to keep people biting their nails and on the edge of their seats.  Nothing fits the bill more than Orchestral Horror V1.  With full orchestral arrangements like these, scoring a scary movie has never been easier. Test out a couple of freebies courtesy of PlatinumLoops.

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