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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Hits & Stabs Reason Refill

Hits & Stabs is a unique blend of samples designed to accommodate  a wide range of musical genres.  Whether it be a punchy stab to kick off your Hip Hop break, or an atmospheric hit to make your build-up more EPIC, PlatinumLoops has you covered with this loop pack.  Put some of these freebies to good use and instantly spice up your productions. Continue reading

Pop Loops Reason Refill

Ready to dominate radio airwaves with your next chart topping Pop smash?  PlatinumLoops has mastered the formula for creating Billboard hits and packaged it all into one exciting sample pack - Pop Producer Pack 1.  Here's a few tasty samples so you can get your feet wet. Continue reading

Soul Loops Reason Refill

No musical genre has had more of an impact on sampling in Hip Hop than Soul music. These days though, if you're not Dr. Dre, getting sample clearance is as about as easy as spotting a flea on an elephant's backside. Luckily for us, the sampling gurus at PlatinumLoops traveled back in time and recaptured that authentic sound of the SOULFUL Seventies.  Continue reading

Progressive House Loops Reason Refill

The club has never been more alive!  Get the dance floor moving and the glow sticks spinning with some BOLD Progressive House music.     In comes Progressive House V1 - a pristine collection of bangin' House loops guaranteed to instantly elevate your production game. Grab a lead synth, drop in some drums, fatten it up with some bass, and your well on your way to making a CERTIFIED HIT. Continue reading

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