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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Scratch Samples Refill

Use real scratch samples performed by world class DJ's who know how to smoke vinyl the old skool way. That's right, this refill gives you some free demo loops courtesy of the kind folks at Platinumloops. Download this refill and start mashing up the genuine vinyl cuts. Continue reading

Reason on the iPad

There are rumours that Propellerheads are considering developing a version of Reason for the Apple iPad.

We'd love to see this become a reality although some Windows users might benefit more from a touchscreen version of Reason to be launched for the many Windows 7 based Tablet PC's.

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Horn Samples – Reason Refill

Live horn samples give your tracks the edge over those puny fake horns loaded into your grandads keyboard. You know what we're talking about. If you've used anything other than the genuine article - shame on you. It's not too late though, jazz up your tracks and use some real live horn samples, loops and licks. Continue reading

Download Reason Refills

Reason Refills is a site dedicated to showcasing the best in free and commercial Refills and Rex Loop packs. Whether you use 'Reason' or 'Record' you'll no doubt be keen to get your hands on some new sounds and inspiration. That's where Reason Refills comes in handy.  A Refill is a file that you can load into 'Reason' or 'Record' which is tightly packed with loops and samples. Refills work kind of like ZIP files but the beauty is that you don't need to unzip them and they work exclusively with Reason or Record.

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